Weight Loss

Weight loss isn’t just all about eating less and moving more.

In fact, how many different diets have you tried, or hours of exercise you’ve endured just to see the number on the scales drop? Sure it may move a few kilos, but how did you feel? How long did it last? Where most people ultimately end up regaining the weight they lost with a little more as interest.

Why do we get it?

Weight gain is a symptom of an underlying health issue at play. A red flag. That your body isn’t coping. It’s not about lack of discipline or willpower…

Causes of weight gain may include:

  • Insulin resistance (PCOS, pre-diabetes, extra weight on your waistline)
  • Fatigue and lethargy leading to eating the wrong types of food for quick energy
  • Dysregulated stress hormones from chronic stress
  • Imbalanced sex and growth hormones (Estrogen Dominance, lack of Testosterone)
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Poor detoxification
  • Poor sleep

and much much more…

How we can help

So your body isn’t functioning optimally. Your mind and emotions likely aren’t that far off either. When you treat the body as a whole – not just cut your calories and do cardio – in the holistic way it was designed to be treated, weight loss is the OUTCOME not the goal. Much easier, attainable and less work. Watch your health and happiness come together in harmony – in a non-stressful manner – and the pleasure of seeing positive changes in the mirror.