Self Coping Mechanisms: helping or making you worse?

Hello dear Reader! First of all, well done on getting this far and adapting to all the changes due to Coronavirus. It hasn’t been easy with some people affected more than others yet everyone has felt the global and social effects as we work together to overcome this historic milestone.

Like many people you probably have had your mental health affected by high stress or anxiety – the root being a sense of uncertainty, loss of control whilst being socially distant from loved ones. In response to feeling this way – or I term it “feeling like shit”- you’ll be tempted to reach for self coping mechanisms.

In these circumstances it’s crucial to take care of your own mental space, and understand this too shall pass, just as every other negative event you’ve experienced during your Lifetime.

This Easter long weekend can be another trigger for those already in a poor mental state. Use this time to focus on you. Give yourself permission to order take away food if you don’t want to cook and don’t feel guilty. Just enjoy it! Catch up on your favourite Netflix series with snacks and don’t feel guilty. If you need to, allow yourself to release stored tension and cry. Have a good fucking cry in fact. This helps work through difficult emotions and resets your threshold.

Other coping mechanisms include the use of drugs or alcohol, self harm, and excessive sleep. If things just seem too much please seek support from a trained professional here. Do things that make you feel good like take a hot bath, get into hobbies at home, or video call your best friend! If you work from home or run your own business, allow yourself to REST and don’t feel like you’ll fall behind. Work will always be there but your health and wellness won’t be if you don’t give it the right care.

Make this Easter long weekend a time to recover since you cannot give others your best if you do not FEEL your best.

Take care and enjoy your *dark ;)* choccie this Easter!

Lots of love, Bonny ~

See how your mental health can be supported using nutrition during this Coronavirus time by clicking here.

Resources ( Phone:13 11 14 | Text: 0477 13 11 14 )

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