'Taking care of business' | Introduction Plan 

> Finally take control of your health using Food as Medicine & non-drug therapies to naturally treat disease.

> Aim to safely come off / prevent medication use and live a life without having to remember to take your medication.
> Gain lasting energy, concentration, improved mental health, regular digestion, balanced hormones, better stress tolerance and restorative sleep! 

> Get to the root cause of your symptoms and fix it once and for all.


  • Pre consultation 

  • 1x Initial Consultation (60 mins, in person / video call)

  • 2x Follow up consultations (30 mins, in person / video call)

  • Personal food diary review

'Road to Success' | Follow up Packages 

> Get ongoing support and guidance in maintaining healthy changes, and NOT slip back into bad habits when Life gets tough!
> Get the results you've been working so hard for.

> Master your Mindset and stop self sabotage.

> Experience Food Freedom, gain confidence, feel and look healthy from the inside out.

6x Follow up Consultations (30 min, in person / video call)


3x Follow up Consultations (30 mins, in person / video call)

8 Week Bursting with Energy Program

> Specifically designed for busy and burnt out women in business

> Improve work productivity and performance without burning your health to the ground, or developing a new medical condition from stress and bad habits


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Please note that we require at least 24 hours notice should you need to cancel your appointment.
Forfeiting of pre-purchased appointments or a fee may be applied should you fail to attend or provide less than adequate notice for individual appointments.



Private Health Funds 
Private health fund members (Bupa, Medibank etc) may be able to claim a partial Dietitian rebate, depending on the level of extras cover. Check with your fund. Item numbers 500 and 600.

You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate under a Chronic Care Plan (EPC) from your doctor. You can claim $53.80 for up to five Dietitian sessions per calendar year, which will be processed online for you.

Medicare rebates are now available for phone and video consults.