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Trusted products and services I personally use time and time again and highly recommend to my patients for their recovery. 

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zazen Alkaline Water System

Our body is made up of 75% water where a 2% drop in body water triggers poor concentration, constipation, moodiness, food cravings, fatigue and aches and pains. Every single cell contains and requires water to function.  zazen water systems remove chlorine, fluoride, harmful bacteria, heavy metals and other carcinogenic toxins, leaving CLEAN, alkaline and remineralised water the body can receive and absorb for proper cellular rehydration. Contact Bonny for any specials.

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We're on a screens more than ever which emits artificial blue light. Blue light stimulates the brain that it's daytime and keeps Cortisol levels high which impacts on mental health, sleep, recovery, hormones, weight and of course, digital eyestrain and headaches. BLUblox Sleep + glasses eliminate 100% blue and green light. I personally use red Lumi Lighting in our bedroom to ease into sleep! 
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Thoughts and emotions are energy. When the energy gets "stuck" or isn't properly processed and released from the body, it accumulates and negatively affects associated organs (in TCM practice), increases blood pressure, affects mood and mental health, and impacts on your relationships.  The pro•m•emo essences are elixirs made with a blend of TCM herbs, Western herbs (Naturopathy) , Homeopathy, Bach flower essences and bio-energetics to support emotional wellbeing.

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Life Cykel Mushroom double liquid extracts

Mushrooms have been used for their nutritional and medicinal properties for centuries. It is only more recently the scientific literature have shown evidence in how they benefit health and wellbeing.
Clinical uses include: 
Cordyceps for energy,
Reishi for sleep, calming nerves and immunity,
Shiitake for immunity, anti-viral, anti-cancer, and
Lion's Mane for cognition, and neuroprotection.
The liquid extracts are made using a double extraction method (water and alcohol based). This double liquid extract ensures that both water soluble compounds (mainly polysaccharides like beta-glucans) and alcohol soluble compounds (mainly antioxidants such as triterpenoids) are present in the end product is bioavailable.
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