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  • Bonny

6 month body composition update (myself)

Due to an incredibly stressful start to the year (and poorly organised meals), I gained weight and didn’t feel my best. I wanted to show you my little journey.

56kg (Jan, 2018) to 53.2kg (June, 2018).

BIA (Bioimpedance Analysis*) showed:

Fat mass: 28.2% to 27.4%

Muscle mass: 38.3kg to 37.3kg

Metabolic age: 22 yrs to 20yrs.

Stress: 8-9/10 to now 3/10

Up until now, I have been focusing on gut health, liver support and adrenal health, and not consciously trying to lose weight. It has been an outcome. Although still important to get back to my usual weight I felt best at.

Some key points: - Weight loss is not a direct linear journey, it can go up and down. Don’t let it upset you. Some days I held onto more water because I ate take away food, or celebrated multiple birthdays and Mother’s Day. Check ins consisted of bad days eg. exhausted late after work, or good because I slept like a baby. As long as the general direction is where you want to go (decrease, maintain or increase).

-Although I teach my patients to not focus on calories, its still important to know how much you’re actually eating. Occasionally, I found myself unintentionally eating between 800-1000 calories (NOT enough). There is a difference between tracking calories for healthy awareness and restricting intake due to fear of gaining weight. Tracking intake to ensure you’re eating enough can be helpful.

-As a result of UNDER-EATING the right macronutrients, there has been a lose of ~ 1kg fat mass and 1kg lean muscle (not good). I don’t always track my intake,. Its a good reminder to myself to ensure I eat adequately, especially when I weight train. Keep in mind that stress is catabolic, that means you break down lean muscle, so your nutritional requirements will change.

-So even though your weight is changing on the scales, we need to be mindful of what is actually changing. Is it water, muscle mass, fat mass, fecal / waste, or even bone mass?

-Yes BIA* is not 100% accurate. However, it’s helpful to collect some form of body composition data, and combine with clinical picture. Skin folds are the same, it’s not reliable due to human error. However, if the same technique in measuring and variables have been consistent, then use what you have access to. If its going to be inaccurate, be consistent.

-I don’t encourage or practice restrictive eating unless you’re managing a medical condition or trying to heal your gut. Use it to see how exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress can impact on your wellness.

If you'd like to learn more about your own nutritional needs, get in touch!

Eat well, be well.

Until next time,

Bonny. C ~