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Mind Body Reset 
12 Week Plan 


> Designed for sustainable and long term weight loss results. NO crash dieting or starving here!
> Gain lasting energy, concentration, improved mental health, regular digestion, balanced hormones, better stress tolerance, restorative sleep

> Themed fortnightly appointments teaches you the foundations for healthy weight loss. You won't lose weight without addressing these factors. 

> Regular clinical support holds you accountable and consistent in breaking bad habits and forming healthy ones

> Takes stress and overwhelm away because you have clarity and support, so you can focus more on living your life

12 weeks; Fortnightly support keeps you on track. 

Week 1: 1x Initial Assessment - 1st Appointment (all 60 mins)

  • Discuss your health concerns and whats holding you back. This will include, better understanding of medical history, weight history, medication, sleep patterns, diet, and overall energy and stress levels (inc. mental & emotional)

  • Part of the consult involves you getting a blood test, or other functional testing, so we can find answers to your symptoms

  • Goal setting and outline of future sessions based on your needs will be discussed

Week 3: Nutrition Plan - 2nd Appointment 

  • Based on your test results and assessment, you will receive a nutrition plan on what to eat, how to cook, how to food combine and when to eat; making it easy for you to follow and take anxiety away from food. 

  • Practitioner only nutritional supplements may be recommended to correct nutritional deficiencies (by the time you come to us, you're likely chronically malnourished).

Week 5: Sleep - 3rd Appointment

  • Deep restorative sleep allows the body to recover from illness, improve mental health and aid weight loss. This appointment walks you through how to improve quality of sleep and recovery; from difficulty falling asleep to feeling tired when waking.  

Week 7: Stress - 4th Appointment 

  • Identify stress triggers and learn how to manage stress without suppressing or harming your mental health

  • Ensure your physical body can cope with stress, and not feedback to your Mind activating a stress response

  • Manage stress to allow successful weight loss, balanced hormones and improved mental & emotional wellbeing.

Week 9: Movement -5th Appointment 

  • This appointment teaches you how to adapt to exercise using nutrition, and enhance your enjoyment and health outcomes (especially adjusting for pain and weight loss).

Week 12: Self-Care & Self Monitoring - 6th Appointment 

  • You will learn how to prioritise your wellbeing so you can live optimally to benefit yourself, and therefore those around you

  • This appointment will teach you how to read your body's communication through warning signs and symptoms, what to action, and strategies to move forward in your health and wellness journey.



  • includes an 1 hr personal training consultation with my referred PT Stefanie Pringle from Melbourne Strength and Fitness. Learn how to physically build muscle and lose fat for sustainable and long term fat loss.  

  • access to Mind-Body Medicine Workbook via Google Doc where we keep each other updated, designed to process and rewire old limiting beliefs, mindset and perception. A crucial piece if you've been overweight for a long time. 

  • Meal Planning Guidebook (only in the 12 week plan) so you can take the guidebook after the 12 weeks and know how to shop, plan, food combine and take anxiety away from what to eat

T&C: New clients only. Sessions must be paid in total before first appointment and used within four months of start date.. 
Cancellations less than 48 hours notice will be forfeited.

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