Gut Friendly Pancakes

Simple and delicious pancakes with gut healing benefits of hydrolysed collagen and slippery elm bark powder (can’t taste either!). Giving you complete protein and beneficial fat from eggs and natural sweetness and fibre from berries!

Serves 1; Makes 9 small pancakes – or 6 medium size-


1 banana

2 eggs 1 Tsp Slippery Elm Bark powder

2 scoops unflavoured hydrolysed collagen powder 1/2 Tsp True Cinnamon 1/4 Tsp salt 1-2 tsps coconut oil (for cooking) 1 cup frozen organic mixed berries (for compote topping)

Sprinkle of true Cinnamon (topping)



1. Blend everything in a blender (except coconut oil, berries) into smooth batter.

2. Heat coconut oil on a saucepan on medium heat. Pour batter into 3 small circles and spread out (for thicker pancakes, don’t spread them).

3. Cook until bubbles appear on surface and FLIP over (it’s okay if any break, just combine them together again)

4.Finish cooking pancakes and set aside.

5. Heat frozen berries in a sauce pan on medium heat. Cook until warmed through into a berry compote.

6. Serve berry compote with cooked pancakes, sprinkle with true cinnamon and enjoy!

Add vanilla coconut yoghurt for extra creaminess (optional)

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