Goal setting: Are you doing it right?

New Year’s time is to relax and enjoy life with family and friends. It’s important to cherish memories with loved ones and to make the most of our time. We can use this period to reflect, as well as to determine whether our current paths are leading us in the right direction towards our goals.

~Do you want to lose those 5 kgs you’ve been trying to take off?

~Are there fitness goals you’ve wanted to achieve, such as starting a new group fitness class, or joining a gym membership again?

~Is it to manage your Mental Health, or to not let thoughts and feelings overwhelm you?

-Is it to improve your stress tolerance?

These are all great objectives. Remember goal planning needs to be SMART:

-S pecific: what exactly do you you want to achieve?

-M easurble: will there by measurable outcomes to determine progress?

A ttainable: is it doable?

– R ealistic: is it possible?

-T imeframe: ideally, is there a reasonable timeframe for you to achieve your goal


“To increase my physical activity by walking 10,000 steps a day”

> Specific? yes= 10,000 is the number of steps

>Measurable? yes= can be tracked with an app on your phone or smartwatch

> Attainable? yes= you may usually get in 5,000 steps per day, an extra 5,000 step with a walk can be achieved 🙂

>Realistic? yes= 10,000 steps, double the amount on a typical day, and not 50,000 steps!

>Timeframe? yes= you get the whole day and evening to choose when to get in those steps!

~Ideally, for every hour we sit, we should be walking for 5 minutes. So if you sit for 8 hours, walking for 40minutes a day should be targeted~

Success is NEVER linear (from bottom to top). You will have good days AND not so good days. Don’t beat yourself up with harsh, or negative self-talk. This fuels negativity and doesn’t motivate you in a positive light.

Key message:

Set yourself a goal/s. Falling off the horse is fine. Its when you pick yourself up, get back on and continue moving forward. Thats the direction you want to be going.

Take care,

Bonny. C ~

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