Food Cravings, Addiction;
 Emotional/ Stress & Comfort Eating

​You a live busy life where highly addictive foods are so easily accessible you can get it delivered to your front door.
Though convenient, you end up gaining excessive weight, feel inflamed, tired and don't feel satisfied.

 Do you experience the following?:


  • Comfort Eating - Emotional, Boredom and / or Stress induced

  • Food Addiction (Uncontrollable eating)

  • Sweet & Fat Cravings (eg. Chocolate, Cake, Cookies, Ice Cream)

  • Greasy, Salty, Crunchy Cravings (eg. Hot Chips, Pizza) 

  • Orthorexia (100% "Clean Eating")

You may feel..

1) Anxiety around food 
2) Guilt, Shame or Regret after eating certain foods
3) Like you've lost control or binge eat

I've work with you to break free from comfort eating and end cravings.

We look at nutrient deficiencies, ensure you're eating enough so you're not always feeling hungry, fix sleep and help you cope with stress in a healthy manner. It's not just because you have "poor self control".