About Bonny

I am a holistic healthcare practitioner - Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist based in Melbourne Australia. 


The human body, if listened to when signalling warning signs, and treated with respect and cared for holistically, has the ability to prevent disease and recover from chronic illness and pain. Or it can use what you give it to manifest disease; where the choice is up to you. 

I emphasize long term recovery and remission through empowering my clients with up-to-date education so they can understand how their actions affect their body and mind at a physiology and biochemical level. 


Holistic Approach

Personalised healthcare involves listening and addressing the drivers of ill health that integrates:

  • diet and nutrition

  • movement and mobility 

  • quality sleep

  • stress management

  • mental & emotional wellbeing

When all health factors fall into alignment, your wellbeing can finally evolve into a state you've never known exists; so you can experience wholeness of joy, love, peace and harmony. 

Mind-Body Medicine

Stressful or anxious thoughts drive up inflammation and stress hormone cortisol, terminating your potential for optimal health and mental freedom. Working together, I may recommend MindBody Medicine therapies that suit your individual health needs and lifestyle. 

Our thoughts influence our feelings... which generate behaviours.  People often revert back to their old habits or "self-sabotage" because they haven't processed old limiting belief systems. When you address and overcome discomfort, you can then freely live Life as you desire. 


Working together

Be prepared to level up your healthcare journey where I help you learn what your body is trying to communicate with you, and what actions to take. 

I am not here to convince you to take care of your health and wellbeing, instead I want us to make the most of our time together to work together in open communication and efficiency to get you optimal and sustainable results. 


I believe that happy, healthy people who live purposefully and whole-heartedly are more  positive and nicer individuals. Positive and kind people make this world a better place to live in and ultimately leave a better environment for future generations. 

My Story
Up until I was a young adult I was constantly sick. I suffered from years of frequent upper respiratory infections causing difficulty breathing and fatigue. Born with asthma, this exacerbated breathing difficulty where I was afraid to leave the house without my inhaler (bringing forth OCD tendencies). On top of this, I struggled with severe allergic reactions, eczema, insomnia and anxiety. My parents treated with what they thought were the right thing through mainstream medicine such as antibiotics, cortisone creams and anti-histamines. Nothing resolved any of my symptoms, but only acted as a band-aid to suppress uncomfortable symptoms short-term. 


In my quest to better understand why my body did was it was doing, I went on to study food and nutrition as my curiosity to know how to treat these underlying diseases, using a natural and holistic approach to my health. 

I changed my dietary intake, exercised and incorporated stress management techniques to change my biochemistry and physiology; my health transformed from constantly inflamed and unwell to no more allergic reactions, asthma or difficulty breathing, a calm nervous system allowing restful sleep and controlled anxiety symptoms. Happily without recurrent infections or the need for antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs! 

> > All through making the choice in choosing food and lifestyle medicine. 

Today Bonny, MDiet, BHNutr., is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and holistic healthcare practitioner who integrates evidence-based nutritional science into practical tools in helping clients treat the root cause of chronic disease. She consults her patients through a variety of ways, through her clinic in Fitzroy North, Melbourne; online consultations and over the phone. All her clients receive evidenced-based therapeutic diets individualised to their medical conditions for them to achieve long lasting results. 

Through her personal journey of understanding the benefits of a natural and holistic health approach to treat the underlying root causes of disease and pain, she is extremely passionate about helping burnt out and sick female entrepreneurs to have consistent energy and long lasting vitality so their business can thrive because their optimal health is holding them up. 


Master of Dietetics, Deakin University

Bachelor of Human Nutrition,
Majoring in Advanced Human Physiology, La Trobe University 

Professional Membership

Member of Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA)

Member of Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND)