About Bonny

Bonny is a qualified holistic healthcare practitioner who helps women have consistent energy and long lasting vitality without the need for unhealthy stimulants to pump them up. She uses Mind-Body therapies within her treatment plans to correct varies conditions including; overactive nervous systems, hormone imbalances and mood disorders, as she understands the power of the Mind and how our thoughts reflect physical symptoms. 

In her clinical practice, she helps clients achieve normal digestive function, real energy without caffeine or sugar, improve anxiety and depression symptoms, combat poor stress tolerance causing comfort eating, and naturally manage autoimmune conditions using a real food approach.

With her empathetic and friendly nature, she listens to concerns that may have been dismissed or unacknowledged and works with clients to find the cause of uncomfortable symptoms.

Through her "Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan" and "8-Week Bursting with Energy Program" she transforms burnt out and sluggish feeling women into the superwomen they truely embody. 

Her Story

Up until she was a young adult she was constantly sick. Bonny suffered from years of frequent upper respiratory infections causing difficulty breathing and fatigue. Born with asthma, this exacerbated breathing difficulty where she was too afraid to leave the house without her inhaler. On top of this, she struggled with severe allergic reactions, eczema, regular insomnia and anxiety. Her parents treated with what they though were the right thing through mainstream medicine such as antibiotics, cortisone creams and anti-histamines. Nothing resolved any of her symptoms, but only acted as a band-aid to suppress uncomfortable symptoms short-term. 


In her quest to better understand why her body did was it was doing, she went on to study food and nutrition as her curiosity to know how to treat these underlying diseases, using a natural and holistic approach to her health. 

Today Bonny, MDiet, BHNutr., is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and holistic healthcare practitioner who integrates evidence-based nutritional science into practical tools in helping clients treat the root cause of chronic disease. S
he consults her patients through a variety of ways, through her clinic in Fitzroy North, Melbourne; online consultations and over the phone. All her clients receive evidenced-based therapeutic diets individualised to their medical conditions for them to achieve long lasting results. 

Through her personal journey of understanding the benefits of a natural and holistic health approach to treat the underlying root causes of disease and pain, she is extremely passionate about helping burnt out and sick female entrepreneurs to have consistent energy and long lasting vitality so their business can thrive because their optimal health is holding them up. 




Master of Dietetics, Deakin University

Bachelor of Human Nutrition,
Majoring in Advanced Human Physiology, La Trobe University 

Professional Membership

Member of Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA)

Member of Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND)