Business Woman

8 Week Bursting with Energy Program

From Burnout to Boss Woman

> Specifically designed for busy and burnt out women in business

> Improve work productivity and performance without burning your health to the ground (or developing a new medical condition from stress and bad habits!)

> This program will bring you consistent energy and long lasting vitality with as little as 8 weeks!

What you get:

  • 8 Themed Weeks

    Week 1: All About You 
    Set your vision and start with the end in mind. 

    Week 2: Extract the TRUTH about your Truth
    Review old habits and get empowered to overcome them.

    Week 3: Award Winning Attitude 
    Change your Mindset, change everything.

    Week 4: The two Big S's- STRESS
    The Godfather of developing disease and burn out. Understand how it affects you and find relief. 

    Week 5: The two Big S's - SLEEP
    Find out how to finally get a restful night's sleep and keep it consistent. 

    Week 6: Self-less Self care 
    Keep the tank full and prevent running on empty for good. 

    Week 7: Energy Pill
    Your days of fearing exercise are over. You have the energy and motivation now! 

    Week 8: CEO of your Health
    Be the Boss of your business AND your Health!


  • 4 x 'Fill my Cup" Consultations 

First 60min consultation I will:

- Listen to better understand your health condition and whats holding you back. This will include, better understanding of medical history, medication, sleep patterns, diet, and overall energy and stress levels.​

- Part of the consult involves you getting a blood test so we can look deeper from a clinical perspective. ​

- I will then use of all this information to create a nutrition and lifestyle plan for you to action immediately. 
So you can start feeling the changes in your energy and vitality straight away. 

Three Fortnightly 60min Reviews

- Review your dietary intake, clinical symptoms, blood test results, mental state and health status.

- Assess all your information and adjust the treatment plan to suit priorities and nutritional requirements.

- Work with you to improve Mindset and build healthy habits.

- Answer your questions and any concerns to alleviate stress and anxiety.

- Hold your hand and walk you through challenging times, and celebrate your victories with you! 

- Light the 'Motivation' Match, and keep it a flamed with 'Accountability' Gas, so you WILL succeed.

* Within this consult may determine if you need further blood tests. I will respond to your results to add more testing if required.

  • Workbook and practical tools to help you reach your goals

  • Professional customer service (9.00am-6.00pm, Mon- Fri)

  • Emergency phone call x2

  • Join private FB group of non-judgemental, like-minded women in business!


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