The only place for life-changing integrative nutrition care without being told to "Eat less and Move more"...

Your Life is busy.

You spend countless hours, working relentlessly, pouring your heart into everything you do.


The poor sleep, the intake of fast food , the caffeine that keeps you going, the alcohol that helps you wind down, the stress doing things you'd rather not.. the comfort eating... It takes a REAL toll on your body. 
You know it's catching up to you. 

You want to serve others in the best way you can. You want to make a difference and live a Life you want. 

I know where you're coming from. 

But have you thought about your own needs?

Ask yourself: Are you truly living your 'Best Life' if you don't have the health to enjoy it?
Is it worth sacrificing your body now through little care and attention so you can potentially have a "better" future?

Take control of your health now. Learn how to adapt so you can thrive in your body and enjoy your wealth.

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An exciting opportunity awaits you.
Our NEW 12-Week Intensive aims to educate and empower with evidence-based knowledge and practical tools to make informed life long decisions.. not just band aid solutions. 

Be coached by Bonny Chow, holistic Dietitian from her years of integrative health experience to treat the root cause of your illness and gain control today.

Here's What Your 12-Week Intensive Looks Like:

Week 1: Initial Dietetic Consultation

One full 60 minute Initial consultation with holistic dietitian Bonny Chow to focus on your unique needs. 

Whether you have an autoimmune disease, pre-diabetes, anxiety attacks; or even chronic digestive issues; this session establishes clear direction and build clarity and confidence in your action plan. 

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Week 2~4~6~8~10:

Follow Up Dietetic Review.

Follow ups ensure we're on the right track. We discuss your progress and make any changes to keep things going smoothly for you.

Here you learn how your body and mind adapts to change. Its a time for you to be held accountable and coached through difficult and positive times.

We set the follow ups review every fortnight. 

Week 3: The Three S's 

- Sleep

Poor sleep quality influences how much fat we carry, how we respond to everyday stressors, our food cravings, energy levels and brain function.

As you can see SLEEP IS HUGE. 

During deep restorative REM sleep, we:

-burn fat

-restore our essential hormones

-detox and remove toxins 

-regulate appetite and stress hormones


Sleep quality is second place to nutrition in BNW's books. This interactive session uncovers your sleeping patterns, if/why you don't get quality deep sleep, and HOW to fix it. 

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Week 5: The Three S's

- Stress

Stress comes in all shapes and forms. From waiting in heavy traffic, worrying about your child's safety, dieting, exercising and work demands.

If you don't get your tolerance to stress under control, you will AGE FASTER, drain your energy, happiness and develop disease. 

In this stress interactive session, you will uncover your unique stress triggers, learn how it impacts on your health, and what to do about it. 

Week 7: The Three S's

- Self Care

Most programs finish without teaching you how to apply your new learnt knowledge and tools.
Life gets busy where you'll find yourself back to old habits unless you put a stop to them. 

In this final interactive session, you'll learn to prioritise self-care without feeling guilty, and be coached how to to continue your mindset momentum towards optimal wellbeing. 

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Week 12: A New Chapter

Final Dietetic Consultation

By the end of your 12-Week Intensive, you will be empowered and ecstatic with fundamental skills and knowledge that ultimately guides you towards better physical, mental and emotional health. 

You and your loved ones will be amazed at how much you've grown and thrived from the start. Your final Dietetic review ensures we recap and refine your understanding and mindset to take on the World. 

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Week 11: Exercise Excitement

This is about getting you moving and starting your new Love of exercise. Soon you'll be chasing those endorphins!

You'll receive an hour personal training session with Stefanie Pringle from
Melbourne Strength & Fitness.

"Stefanie will assess your flexibility, strength and movement to identify any deficiencies. She'll recommend exercises to fix any issues found to get you moving forward."